sme scaleup project

SME ScaleUp is an initiative by Business In Theory to recruit unemployed graduates and deploy them to small businesses.

In order to reduce the rate at which small and medium enterprises in South Africa fail, entrepreneurs need the following:

  • Growth strategies to improve the sustainability of SME’s;
  • To create jobs opportunities to reduce unemployment;
  • Access to capital to implement growth strategies

What we know:

South Africa has a large number of unemployed youth. After all efforts to educate them, some are without jobs. They need jobs in order to make meaningful contributions to the livelihood of their families, reduce poverty, and the economy.

Business In Theory assists entrepreneurs to formulate growth strategies and expose opportunities to create jobs.

Entrepreneurs cannot afford to access professional services and mentorship, which limits their growth prospects.

What you can do to help:

With your assistance, Business In Theory can recruit unemployed graduates and deploy them to SME’s.

In the first phase, we will recruit Business Analysts and Project Managers to assess each business and provide a growth strategy. Entrepreneurs will then have a strategy for growth, recruitment, training and funding.

Business In Theory will then provide SMEs with graduates based on their requirements.

Soon we will launch a funding a campaign. Sign-up to be the first to know when we launch the campaign.

sme scaleup project